4th Pattern Auscam Trousers

Last month we looked at the final production version of the Auscam uniform jacket. Today we are considering the matching trousers. It must be said that the differences in pattern between the different versions of the DPCU trouser are far more subtle than those of the jacket and at first glance the different patterns look very similar, especially on photographs. However, each of the different patterns are unique and this is the third of the six different versions of the trouser that I have covered on the blog now.

The trousers have a pair of large thigh pockets, with square cut top flaps secured with a zip under a protective fly:

Beneath these thigh pockets is an area of reinforcement over each knee, an obvious wear point on a pair of combat trousers:

The bottom of each trouser leg has an elastic draw cord with a friction fastener to allow them to be drawn in and then bloused over a pair of boots:

In addition to the thigh pockets, the trousers have a pair of slash pockets on the hips and a single buttoned pocket on the seat:

Belt loops are provided at the waist to allow a trouser belt to be worn if requitred and a pair of velcroed tabs on the hips allows some degree of size adjustment:

The waist itself is secured with a green plastic button and a zip fly is fitted:

A large white label is sewn into the trousers with details of manufacture, sizing and care etc.:

This particular pair date to 2009 and towards the end of DPCU manufacture and I believe they were introduced as part of the Land 125 reforms to Australian uniform and equipment.

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