Rifle Brigade Officer in Review Order Postcard

Today we have another superb postcard from Harry Payne, this time depicting an officer of the Rifle Brigade in Review Order in 1905:

The details of the uniform can be compared nicely with that set out in the 1900 dress regulations:

  1. Busby-Black Persian lambskin, height in front 5 inches, riding to 6 inches in the centre of each side of the busby and sloping back to the bottom edge. The crown of rifle green cloth, with figured ornament. Black silk square cord plait in front, carried up to a small bronze bugle badge at the centre of the top of each side with two rows of square silk cord at back, ending in a knot, to which is attached a bronze ring. A black corded oval boss on the top in front. Chin strap of black patent leather. Black square silk cord body line with swivel to attach to the ring at the back of the busby, black egg moulds and sliders. Plume- black ostrich feathers.
  2. Shoulder Belt– 3 inches wide with Breast ornament. Whistle and chain of regimental pattern.
  3. Tunic– Rifle green cloth, edged all around, except the collar, with black square cord. Black velvet collar and cuffs. The collar edged with 1/2 inch black braid; the cuffs pointed, and ornamented…according to rank. The skirt rounded off in front, closed behind and lined with black. On each side of the breast, 5 loops of black square cord, with netted caps and drops, fastening with black olivets. On each back seam a line of the same cord, forming a crow’s foot at the top, passing under a netter cap at the waist, below which it is doubled, and ending in an Austrian knot reaching to the bottom of the skirt Shoulder cords of black chain gimp, with small button of regimental pattern at the top.
  4. Trousers– Rifle green cloth, with 2-inch black braid down the side-seams.
  5. Boots– Wellington boots in review order and in the evening.

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