Bergan Pouch Liner

Although the cordua nylon used in manufacturing the British Army’s bergens is pretty waterproof, it is not completely so and if the bergen was to become completely saturated, such as during a river crossing, then the water would seep into the interior and damage the items carried within. To help mitigate this, small waterproof bags are issued to allow items to be put inside them before the top is secured and it is placed inside the bergen proper. Large bags are issued for the main body of the bergen, and smaller ones for the detachable side pockets and it is one of these we are looking at today. It is a simple olive green bag:

A channel is sewn around the neck:

A piece of green cord runs through this, with a plastic toggle to allow the top to be secured and the contents protected:

A label is sewn into the interior:

As more than one soldier has found, if there is a way for water to get it, it will find it! One squaddie advises:

Triple bagging is the way to go – nylon stuffsac inside ziplock then the whole thing inside another nylon stuffsac.


  1. Extra heavy garbage bags work well too and you can use several to seperate out groups of things you need at different times.
    A package doesn’t take up much room in a packonce you’ve stripped the box, and a roll of them even less.
    In a pinch, a partly blown up bag makes a decent pillow, or groundsheet or float, or boot covers…or pretty much anything 😉

    • Beats a mate of mine who used supermarket carrier bags in his bergan- every time he had to get something out he was like a bag lady rooting through all his different carrier bags!

      • Those aren’t nearly strong enough or waterproof, all the ones I see here have holes in the bottoms, except you can’t get them anymore since somebody decided that we’re not capable of using them and banned them to make children who don’t even vote happy.
        Luckily we kept all the ones we got for the six months prior to the ban, including a whole unused stack I got from a cashier friend 😉
        Been taking them on shopping trips ever since, you get quite a few trips out of them if you don’t overload them and watch the sharp box corners.

        Better to use the large ziplocks or heavy duty garbage bags, I think they’re called bin liners in Blighty ? for packing, they’re much stronger and completely waterproof, they even come in clear now instead of green or black, so you can see what leaked or got squashed when someone manhandled your pack onto (and threw it off) the truck to ‘help out a mate’.

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