Royal Navy Tropical Shorts

The Royal Navy until recently was the only service left that still allowed its personnel to wear shorts on duty. The other forces issue shorts but they are only for wear around barracks and out of the public gaze. The Royal Navy, however, still used shorts in tropical climates for its officers and men until very recently and the white shorts so common in the Second World War are still occasionally seen, as in this image from 1976:

We looked at an example of the Second World War version of the shorts here, but today we are considering the modern iteration of this garment:

These shorts are made of a white poly-cotton blend and are secured up the front by a zip fly and a pair of metal slide hooks:

A metal slider buckle on each hip allows some fine control of the waist sizing:

Note also the slash pockets on each hip. The only other pocket on the shorts is a buttoned down pocket on the right buttock:

The usual label is sewn inside the shorts:

Further details, including the manufacturer, are printed on the stores label stuck to the outside of the packet containing the shorts:

The shorts are worn with General Duty Rig, White- which according to the 2018 Dress Regulations is obsolete and has been withdrawn, but is still illustrated in it!

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