Auscam 4th Pattern Combat Jacket

Today we look at the final iteration of the Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform jacket that saw service in the early 2000s before being replaced with the Australian version of multicam. The DPCU uniform had two prototype patterns and four production patterns and by the early 2000s the design had been updated to reflect common practices across most first world military powers. These changes were more to do with detail and insignia placement than anything fundamental, but do reflect the ongoing modernisation of the uniform:

The first and most obvious change was to move rank insignia from the shoulders to a central slider on the chest, together with replacing the flapped chest pockets with two zipped vertical openings that allow easier access when wearing load bearing equipment:

The rank slide is secured with a simple piece of Velcro:

Other changes related to insignia, with a large name title sewn over the pocket:

Whilst this is sewn onto the uniform, other badges are attached with Velcro to allow it to be removed for security reasons when on operations. On the left sleeve is worn the national flag:

This patch comes in both the subdued version for combat, seen here, and a full colour variation for use on bases and away from operations. The opposite sleeve has space for divisional insignia to be worn, again attached with Velcro:

This cut of uniform was introduced as part of the wider Land 125 updated to the Australian soldier’s uniform and equipment and was treated to make it infra red resistant. Although this pattern of dress is no longer in service with the Australian Army, it continues to be used by cadet forces across the country as seen here being worn by a cadet back in 2016:

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