Indian Spike Bayonet Frog

Although India never produced the No4 rifle (Ishapore made SMLE rifles throughout World War Two), the country did produce bayonet frogs for the No 4’s spike bayonet. Quite why they did this is unclear, but some No 4 rifles were sent from the UK to the Far East for use in the war there and perhaps there was an anticipation that India would follow the rest of the country in adopting the No 4 rifle and its bayonet. Regardless of why, India was to develop and produce its own frog for the spike bayonet between 1942 and 1944. The design took the existing frog and deleted the top loop for the sword bayonet’s handle as this was no longer needed and redesigned the loops to hold the scabbard:

The lower loop was kept the same, but the top loop made considerably shallower and both loops reduced in size to grasp the scabbard more firmly:

This better suited the tubular steel scabbard of the spike bayonet. The usual loop at the top of the frog for the belt to pass through was unchanged:

Examples of the frog have been found with markings indicating they were manufactured by both Bata and the Government Harness and Saddlery Works in Cawnpore, this example is by the latter company although the stamps are poor:

Most examples of these frogs found in the UK seem to have been unissued and are in mint condition like this one so it is unclear how extensive their use was.

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