Roosevelt and Churchill Plate

Commemorative china from the Second World War is less common than from the First, but it did exist and there are some very attractive pieces out there for the collector. Unlike some of the more jingoistic themes of the Great War, Second World War pieces tend to emphasise that the men are fighting for democracy and freedom from tyranny. Political leaders rather than military leaders are also more common, perhaps Churchill and Roosevelt having more popular appeal than Asquith, Lloyd George and Wilson had in the First World War. Today we are looking at a charming plate from the Second World War, about 10″ in diameter and with a transfer of the leaders of the UK and the USA:

The transfer is a bit worn, but depicts Churchill and Roosevelt, the flags of the UK and America, a warship and the legend “For Democracy”:

The plate has a makers mark on the rear:

By the time of the Second World War, much of the enthusiasm for commemorative china that had been so prevalent at the turn of the century had died down so there was less of it made and a smaller range of designs. The ones that were produced, however, were often very attractive pieces such as this plate. This example has clearly been used in someone’s kitchen for many years to judge by the wear on it, although it is now enjoying a well earned retirement on display in my collection!

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