MTP Shorts

The British Army no longer allows men to go into combat wearing shorts, however shorts are still issued for off duty wear in combat zones as they are more comfortable that trousers in desert conditions. Examples were made in desert DPM, which we have looked at here, and when the MTP camouflage pattern was introduced the same design was made in this fabric:

The design is basically the issue trousers, cut off just above the knee, so there are still two large cargo pockets on each thigh, secured with a single button:

And a further pocket on the seat:

The fly is secured with a zip and button, whilst an internal drawstring helps with waist adjustment:

A pair of button tabs are also provided for this purpose on each hip:

A white label is sewn into the waistband with sizing and contract numbers etc:

One soldier who served in Afghanistan explained back in 2012:

Shorts are still issued. I’ve seen bummers wear them in lieu of trs in Bastion, normally coupled with a hat that’s brim puts Saturn’s rings to shame. Most people wear them, when on down time. Local commander’s discretion I would imagine.

The shorts were worn with sandals when off duty pretty much universally in smaller FOBs, but only in designated areas in larger bases. They can be seen being worn by soldiers relaxing in mess halls:

And occasionally by troops engaged in heavy manual labour within the base, where helmet and body armour can occasionally be seen being worn with them, as in this image of an engineer:

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