Virtus Bayonet Scabbard Pouch

For some unknown reason British Army nomenclature that has referred to the holder of a bayonet as a frog for the last 200 years has been updated to now refer to them as a ‘bayonet scabbard pouch’! Regardless, Virtus has reintroduced the concept of the bayonet being worn as part of the equipment after the Osprey system dropped it (hence pictures of bayonets secured to MOLLE loops on the front of Osprey vests when soldiers were on active service in Afghanistan). The Virtus bayonet scabbard pouch is made in MTP and is designed to hold the SA80 bayonet in its scabbard:

This is designed to hold the infantry version of the scabbard, which I do not have, and so is a little long for the other services version of the scabbard, but it shows the concept well enough. The Virtus manual shows how the bayonet pouch is to be used:

With the bayonet and its scabbard removed it is easy to see the three securing points on the scabbard pouch:

The back of the pouch has the updated version of MOLLE loops and PALS that is used on the Virtus components:

Under this strap is the pouch’s label indicating it was made in 2015:

It is nice to see a proper way of carrying the bayonet back on the menu, however the velcro securing the bayonet and scabbard into this seems a little flimsy and when you try and draw the bayonet from its scabbard it tends to pull both out of the pouch quite easily. This might be due to the wrong, shorter scabbard being used here, but if it occurs with the regular scabbard as well this would be something of a design flaw.

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