South African Made 37 Pattern L-Strap

It has been quite some time since I have managed to add another piece to my South African 37 pattern set. It was therefore very pleasing to be able to add another component a few months back when I picked up an L-Strap to go with my pack:

Like the other items of South African wartime webbing, the quality is not great and distinctive stitching runs the length of the strapping to reinforce it, whilst the move from the 2″ shoulder section down to the 1″ buckle is crude and just consists of the 1″ piece sewn to the 2″ portion:

Note also the crudity of the casting of the buckle which has had a coat of gold paint over it, again typical of South African manufacture. The gold paint never weathers well, and is almost completely gone on the chapes at the end of each strap:

Two companies made South African 37 Pattern webbing and this example was made by Daniel Isaac Framm:

Note also the South African property mark of the /|\ with a ‘U’.

Sadly I just have the single L-Strap at the moment, and I am looking for the matching strap to complete the pair, but it has been great to finally add another component to the set after quite a gap.

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