RAF Aircrew Gloves

Getting the correct sort of gloves for aircrew is difficult. Even in warm environments gloves are essential to prevent sweaty hands from slipping on controls. Added to that, they need to have enough flexibility to them to allow the airman some degree of tactile contact with the controls of the aircraft. This need for thin and flexible gloves has resulted in them being made from thin leather for many decades and today we are looking at a pair of grey aircrew gloves from the 1970s or 1980s:

These short gloves are made of very thin, soft and flexible leather, with a small piece of elastic sewn into the wrist of each glove to help draw them in:

The gloves are marked with black ink on the inside of each cuff. The 22C stores code insicates that they are RAF flight gear:

I cannot say whether this exact pattern of glove is still in service, but this picture of Prince William after he qualified as a helicopter pilot shows him wearing a pair of grey leather gloves that certainly look very similar:

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