Soldier in Greatcoat Impression, Winter 1942

This month’s impression depicts a soldier on patrol in the UK in the winter of 1942. It is a cold day and a slight dusting of snow has settled on the ground. Over his battledress he is wearing a 39 Pattern greatcoat with its brass buttons. This is worn with a simple set of webbing consisting of ammunition pouches, bayonet frog for the sword bayonet and a water bottle. The respirator haversack has been deleted by this point in the war as the likelihood of gas attack within the UK is virtually none. As he is patrolling a base within the UK he does not need to wear the small pack of entrenching tool and can wear a lightened order of webbing. His helmet is the Mk II, with a glossy brown paint finish and his rifle is the SMLE.

On his feet he wears the standard leather ankle boots with a pair of webbing anklets and to help keep his hands warm he wears a pair of knitted woolen gloves.

  1. 1939 Pattern Greatcoat
  2. Woolen Shirt
  3. Battledress blouse
  4. Knitted woolen gloves
  5. Mk II Steel Helmet
  6. Battledress Trousers
  7. Ammunition boots
  8. 1937 Pattern webbing set
  9. SMLE Rifle
  10. Anklets

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