Mk 16A Aircrew Coverall

A few years ago we looked at the Mk 16B aircrew coverall in tan here. Today we are looking at the slightly earlier variant, the Mk 16A in the more common sage green colour:

This coverall is almost identical to its successor, however it still retains the complicated thigh pockets. These have openings at the top and also at the bottom so it is easy to put things in or out of them when sat down:

Apart from this, the coverall is almost identical. There are two large velcroed pockets at the cuff od each leg:

And a further pair of zipped pockets on the chest, either side of the central zip:

This coverall has been used by an officer at some point and so has black patches to allow velcroed insignia to be attached. On the right sleeve is one for a squadron patch:

Whilst another patch for the man’s name is over the left breast, together with a third and final patch on the right shoulder:

Note also the pen pockets on the sleeve beneath this. A single, large label is sewn inside the coverall:

The coveralls are made of a fire retardant fabric and the zip is made of materials that won’t melt so that there is less risk of a man involved in an accident being further injured by his clothing.

The Mk 16A and Mk 16B coveralls were issued concurrently. The Mk 16A was designed to be worn as it was, the Mk 16B over an inner immersion coverall assembly so was more generously cut. This meant that some preferred wearing the Mk 16B on its own due to the baggier and more comfortable nature of its design.

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