Officer’s Drawing Case

I am slowly filling out my officer’s haversack in my 1937 pattern webbing set. Amongst the items that might have been carried by an officer was a drawing set in a small case. This case was issued by the military and was produced in canvas, secured by a pair of press studs:

With the press studs undone, the case can be opened out:

A top flap covers the little pockets that hold the case contents. Originally this case would hold a pair of compasses, a square protractor, a set of parallel rules and a couple of bow pens, together with a miniature ink bottle etc. Most of these items are missing from my case, which has a mixture of other stationary now:

I will look to restore the original components going forward, as and when I find them. A previous user has inked some letters and numbers to the inside of the case, although if this is from its military service or a later civilian owner is unknown. look above though and you can see the /|\ ownership mark:

This little case is a great addition to my officer’s haversack and will be another fun project tracking down all the correct components. This image of the correct original components comes courtesy of Haydn Gate and shows what I am aiming for:


  1. Hi from Tasmania.

    Have been working on a digital book over COVID on Australian Army Field Dress Uniforms and Equipment 1943 – 2020. Colour images of each item, one per page and currently up to 400 pages.

    Planning on it to be a digital reference book.
    Have been collecting LCE used in Australia from 1850 – current day for 50 years.

    Interested in sharing info.

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