SADF 70 Pattern Patrol Pack

We covered the components of the 1970 Pattern SADF webbing set in some detail last year, however there are still components I need to pick up to complete the full range of accoutrements, including the small patrol pack which I have now added to the collection. The Patrol Pack was used to give the soldier an alternative to the large rucksack when on a day’s patrol. There is enough space to carry some extra ammunition, supplies and rations, but it is much smaller and handier than the larger ‘grootsak’, in Afrikaans it was known as a ‘Patrollie Sakkie’. The pack can be worn in a number of ways and consists of a square bag:

The main part of the pack has a flap to close it, secured with a single, central buckle:

Under this are a pair of weather flaps to help protect the contents, these fasten together with a single press stud:

A pair of pockets are fitted to either side of the main pack, each of which can hold a pair of SLR magazines, allowing an additional 4 magazines to be carried:

An eyelet is fitted to the base of the pack to allow water to drain from the pack if needed:

The pack can be worn in a variety of ways, including being attached to the back of the larger rucksack or on the belt. It is most commonly worn over the shoulder though on a single shoulder strap. On the rear the buckles to attach the shoulder strap can be seen above the belt loops:

The shoulder strap has a buckle to adjust its length:

Here we see a black SADF soldier wearing one of the patrol packs at some point in the Bush Wars:

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