Canadian 37 Pattern L-Strap

A number of economy measures were used during the Second World War to speed up production of 37 Pattern webbing. One of the more interesting changes was introduced by the Canadian firm of Zephyr Loom and Textile in 1943 when they redesigned the L-Straps to do away with the reduction from 2″ wide to 1″ wide webbing on the upper strap. This had to be made either through reduction weaving (Neither Canadian company making 37 Pattern webbing had the looms to do this) or by sewing a piece of 1″ wide webbing to a piece 2″ wide which took time. The new design just used a single 2″ wide piece of webbing for the upper strap:

In order to accommodate this change, a new buckle was introduced that fitted the wider strap:

Presumably the expense of tooling up for a new buckle was felt to be less than the continuing expense of sewing the straps together!

The rear of this L-Strap has a nice clear ZL&T Co stamp and a Canadian property mark of a /|\ inside a ‘C’:

This design of L-Strap would carry over to the new 51 Pattern webbing set introduced by Canada, however the webbing on this was pre-dyed green and the fittings were blackened.

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