Virtus 3L Hydration Pack

Like any modern load bearing system, Virtus uses a water bladder carried on the back as well as a traditional water bottle and pouch. The bladder used is a 3L WLPS hydration system carried in a Rider Hydration Pack that allows it to be worn as a backpack or attached to another piece of the Virtus system. I don’t have the bladder yet, however I do have the pack and this is what we are looking at today. It is made in the standard MTP camouflage and is heavily padded to help insulate the contents:

The front of the pack is secured with a pair of zips and opens up to allow the bladder to be inserted:

To further secure it, a large piece of Velcro and a press stud is fitted at the bottom of the zipped flap:

MOLLE loops are fitted to the flap to allow further items to be attached if required, the configurability of the Virtus system being one of its selling points:

The pack can be worn rucksack style with the shoulder straps on the rear:

Note also the sternum strap to help secure it across the wearer’s chest. When not needed, the shoulder straps can be tucked into a large velcroed pocket on the back of the pack:

The drinking tube of the bladder can be passed out through a small hole on either side of the upper part of the pack:

There is an additional opening for the tube at the top of the pack when it is being used over the shoulders rather than under the arms. Loops are fitted to the shoulder straps to hold the drinking tube close at hand when not being used:

The straps have a set of elasticated loops to allow the loose parts of the straps to be tidied neatly away:

A grab handle is fitted to the top of the pack:

The label for the pack is sewn to the back and one interesting thing to note is that, like the other components in the set, the hydration pack has a -31- country code rather than the more usual -99-. This is because it was designed and developed in Israel and so uses their code rather than that of the UK:

The hydration pack is designed to be worn in a number of ways. It can be worn as a simple backpack ass illustrated above, but can also be attached to the back of the backpack or directly to the STV (scalable tactical vest) using the four fastex buckles on the front.

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