Red Cross Worker in Uniform

This week’s postcard is a little more unusual than it appears at first glance. Initially one would dismiss this as a standards image of a British Tommy in uniform, however on closer inspection the cut of the uniform is wrong, there are collar dogs worn, the belt is not a standard design and the cap badge is not a British Army one:

The uniform is in fact that of the British Red Cross, worn by male members of the organisation when on active service. In close up we can see the badges and collar dogs of the BRC, twisted cord shoulder straps and a large stamped metal belt buckle:

Male detachments were almost entirely in charge of transporting sick and wounded soldiers from ambulance trains or ships to local hospitals. They also ferried patients between hospitals.

Male volunteers were frequently sent to France to work as ambulance drivers, often coming under fire as they transported men away from the Front.

One comment

  1. I believe this is a member of the SJAB. He is wearing SJAB collar badges and belt buckle. The red cross Cap badge was worn by BRCS and SJAB when doing service overseas.

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