No 2 Dress Uniform Trousers

Over the last few years we have looked at a number of different No2 Dress tunics, however these jackets were not worn in isolation. A matching pair of trousers was issued to go with the jackets which was made of the same fabric as the jacket and was simply cut:

This is quite an early pair of trousers and so has an early style of label, which dates it to the 1970s:

The trousers have a button fly with buttons and a metal hook and eye to secure the waist:

The trousers have buttons for a pair of braces, and loops for a belt. A pair of tension buckles on each hip allows them to be tightened slightly as well:

The Number 2 uniform is known colloquially as the ‘Ginger Marching Suit’ or the ‘Ginger Drinking Suit’ and is not particularly popular amongst squaddies. It was always quite an expensive uniform for the army to supply its men with, but is ridiculously cheap on the surplus market as no one wants them.

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