Pencil Erasers

One of the fun things to do, is to try and fill out items of webbing with all the correct contents. One area I am working on at the moment is filling out my officer’s haversack with typical items that might have been carried in it. These include items of stationery and so I have added a couple of government issue pencil erasers (rubbers to the British- the source of much hilarity to visiting GIs in World War II):

These erasers are made of rubber and are identical to modern examples, but are stamped with the crown and SO of the government’s Stationery Office. These are more likely to have been used in a post office or town hall than actually being military, however they were drawn from a common store and issued across the public sector, including to the military. This pair of rubbers consists of a large tan example, with a stores code of 39-18:

And a smaller, white, example with a stores code of 39-11:

The crowns are ‘King’s’ crowns, which would suggest that they date to before 1952, however I cannot be sure of that as not all agencies updated the crown to the ‘Queen’s’ crown design straight away.

These little items can still be found with careful hunting and are always worth picking up if cheap enough to add to a set of kit or an impression.

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