Officer’s Bazaar Made KD Shirt

The range of different items of KD clothing that can be picked up is quite remarkable, and as we have discussed on the blog previously, locally produced bazaar made clothing that does not match official patterns was seen just as frequently as the official War Department uniforms. Today we are looking at a very unusual example of an officer’s shirt made in a heavy weight KD fabric:

The shirt has long sleeves and pleated patch pockets on the breast, but none on the skirts. Each of these pockets has a scalloped top flap, the corners of which were secured down with press studs to keep them neat:

The first unusual feature though is the collar fastening, which has a button on the end of a piece of white cotton tape:

This is a very odd feature, and would suggest that at some point someone, for whom the shirt had not been made, used it but had a wider neck than the shirt. The tape allowed the collar to still be secured and if worn with a tie would not be visible.

The second unusual feature of this particular shirt is on the epaulettes where neat sewn holes are provided for rank and regimental insignia:

The shirt came without any insignia, however I have added a pair of West Yorkshire Regiment brass shoulder titles and the single pips of a Second Lieutenant which fit the holes perfectly:

This is a very unusual shirt and I have not seen one quite like it before. It is this variety in KD clothing that makes it so interesting and worth collecting.

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