New Zealand Regiment Cap Badge

New Zealand is only a small country and as such it has a single infantry regiment made up of one regular battalion and three reserve or territorial force battalions. The regiment was formed in 1947 and has seen extensive service over its lifetime, including Malaya, Vietnam and the War on Terror. The Regiment changed its name from ‘The New Zealand Regiment’ to ‘The New Zealand Infantry Regiment’ in 1964. The regiment recruits from across the whole country and as such its cap badge reflects its national identity, with a kiwi bird surrounded by a wreath of ferns and surmounted by a crown:

This cap badge is made from staybrite anodised aluminium and was worn on berets and the distinctive ‘lemon squeezer’ hat that is so iconic to New Zealand forces. This badge dates form between 1952 when the ‘king’s crown’ was replaced with the ‘queen’s crown’ and 1964 when the regiment was retitled. This particular example is the other ranks version, a gilt and enamel version was used by officers. The current incarnation of the regiment uses a very similar badge, but it is more elongated into an oval shape and has red and blue enamel on it.

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  1. A few small corrections. In 1964 the New Zeland Regiment was renamed as the Royal New Zeland Infantry Regiment (RNZIR) not New Zeland Infantry Regiment

    NZ has two Regular Infantry Battalions, the 1st Battalion (1RNZIR) at Linton Camp in the North Island and the 2/1 Battalion (2/1 RNZIR) at Burnham Camp in the South Island.

    The Reserve Battalions are 3/6 RNZIR in the Upper North Island, 5/7 RNZIR in the lower North Island and 2/4 RNZIR in the South Island.

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