Officer in the Western Desert

This junior officer, a second lieutenant in the West Yorkshire Regiment, consults his map whilst on exercise in the Western Desert, training in preparation for the upcoming campaigns against the Italians and the Germans in North Africa. He wears the typical mixture of clothing seen on campaign, with a bazaar made shirt boasting metal rank and regimental insignia together with Indian made shorts. He wears a South African Mk II steel helmet, with its distinctive three holes punched around the rear rim. On his feet he wears a pair of other ranks ankle boots, presumably replacing his normal pair until he can get a new pair of officer’s boots. These are worn with long socks and anklets. His webbing is the 1937 pattern set, configured for those carrying a revolver. As he is left handed, he has moved the holster to the opposite side of the webbing to allow him to draw the revolver across his body. He has binoculars and compass on the other side of his body and the water bottle is of the early aluminium type. He carries an economy map case and on the open flap can be seen a square protractor and pencils, stored in the loops fitted there for this purpose:

  1. KD shirt with officer’s rank insignia
  2. Webley .380 revolver
  3. Ammunition boots
  4. South African Made Mk II helmet
  5. 1937 Pattern webbing set for those armed with a pistol
  6. Webbing anklets
  7. Economy Pattern map case
  8. Socks
  9. Indian Made KD shorts

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