Miniature ARP Lapel Badge

Today we have one of the smallest objects ever featured on the blog, a tiny ARP lapel badge, the penny is for scale:

Indeed, the badge is so small that the half moon lapel fixing on the back dwarfs it:

As can be seen, the badge is made of silver, although it is too small to be hallmarked. These badges were not official issue items, the much larger lapel and pin badge versions of the badge being used instead. They were, however, available for private purchase and were very popular as they showed the wearer had made a commitment to Air Raid Precautions without being as showy and obvious as the issue version. The use of these unofficial miniature badges was discussed in parliament by John Anderson in June 1939:

I am aware that miniatures of the ARP badge are on sale in various quarters. No official permission has been given for such reproductions of the badge, but I am advised that their manufacture or sale does not contravene the law as it at present stands. In those instances which have come to notice, steps have been taken to enlist the co-operation of the vendors with a view to ensuring as far as practicable that miniatures are supplied only to persons who can furnish evidence that they are entitled to wear the official badge. I am considering whether any further action is desirable

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