Home Guard Teaspoon

Throughout the war there was a small market for commemorative pieces for the Home Guard. A number of souvenir items were produced over the war years, often incorporating the semi-official Home Guard badge, such as this little silver plated teaspoon:

The badge itself was used in some official publications, as well as being the most common design for lapel badges sold to Home Guardsmen. It consisted of the letters ‘HG’ in an oval and surmounted by a crown:

Interestingly, the badge on this spoon is made of a completely different metal to the rest of the spoon and is the same size as the lapel badge (such as the one here), which makes me think the manufacturers saw an opportunity to make use of the tooling they had already set up for Home Guard lapel badges, and just affix it to a spoon rather than a lapel fitting!

The back of the spoon shows that it is made of EPNS:

Souvenir spoons were very popular throughout the 1930s and usually consisted of a semi-decorative spoon to which different badges were soldered, often depicting the coats of arms of towns and cities. It would not have taken much effort to have switched to military badges for the war and a lucrative little set of souvenirs could have been easily produced for sale.

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