No 1 Dress Trousers

Earlier this month we looked at a Number 1 dress uniform jacket from the Royal Logistics Corps. Today we are looking at a pair of No 1 dress trousers that came with this tunic, however they do not match the RLC’s dress regulations so don’t actually match the tunic. The trousers are made of heavy, dark blue wool with a pair of broad red stripes down each leg:

The trousers are designed to be worn with a pair of braces and so have a swallow-tail back and buttons to allow braces to be attached:

These trousers date back to the 1950s, as revealed by the label sewn inside them:

Despite dating back to 1957, it is likely that these trousers have been in use for decades. No 1 Dress is expansive and not personal issue to soldiers. Rather, it is kept at regimental depots and issued out for specific duties and then pulled back in and cleaned afterwards ready for the next time it is needed. With this in mind, these uniforms can see decades of service, just updated as dress regulations change with new buttons and insignia as appropriate.

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