Australian SLR Cleaning Kit

The Australians adopted the Imperial FAL rifle in 1961 and a dedicated cleaning kit was introduced to allow the rifle to be maintained in service. Officially designated the ‘Accessory kit cleaning 7.62mm Rifle Mk 1’, it consisted of a cloth roll that could be wrapped around its contents to protect them and secured with a pair of cotton ties:

This opens out into a kidney shaped piece of cloth with the contents in the bottom left hand corner, known as the ‘roll, cleaning accessories, 7.62mm Rifle’:

This example is made of a woven canvas with a rubberised covering that has now largely worn off. There is also another variation made of vinyl, but otherwise identical in form. There are four small pockets to hold the tools and oil bottles:

The contents of the kit are (top to bottom) oil bottle, small arms cleaning brush, 1/4 oz tube of XG340 grease, combination tool:

The combination tool opens out with two arms offering a variety of tools to clean and strip the rifle, the design being identical to the British tools. The combination tool consists of a gas regulator key, two screwdrivers, a tool for adjusting the foresight and the threaded section to which a barrel cleaning brush, generally carried by the section commander, would be attached.:

The cleaning kit has a faint white stamp on the underside of the flap, which originally had the kit’s manufacturing date and NSN number on it, but is so worn on this example that it is impossible to read:

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