Comms Pouch

Today we have another of those odd items that cannot be identified clearly, even with an NSN number. This pouch has tentatively been identified for use with some sort of communications equipment like a cable or headset. In form it is an oval pouch in desert tan:

This pouch was unissued and came in its original store’s packet with NSN number and manufacturer’s details on the front:

This label shows it was made by Roke International, a company that specialises in electronics and has areas of the business that work on military cyber and security. Beyond that however, getting an exact use for the pouch has proven difficult. The NSN number is listed in the catalogue as ‘carry case’ which is not particularly helpful! If you do know exactly what it was designed to be used with, please comment below.

The pouch is open across the top to allow easy access to the interior, which is well padded:

A tab with Velcro and a press stud secure this when the contents need to be held securely within:

The rear of the pouch has PALS loops and MOLLE straps to allow it to be fastened to a load carrying vest or body armour cover:

The only identification on the pouch itself is a sewn on label with the NSN number on:

This pouch is like a lot of comms ancillaries produced for the War on Terror, in that there is little information printed or on the web about them and even ten years after they were made they are still a bit of a mystery to collectors and even the stores catalogues are not hugely helpful! Hopefully information will start coming out about them as experience suggests that the mysteries will only deepen as time goes on and memories fade- military kit doesn’t have to be old to throw up surprises!


  1. It’s a case for a GroundHunter Wand, an IED command wire sensor produced by a company called Chemring Technology Solutions. There’s a PDF brochure on the web for the detector showing this case in use.

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