Bayonet Frog No6

In 1954 a new bayonet frog was introduced for service with the No9 bayonet then in use with the No4 Lee Enfield Rifle. This new pattern was visually similar to existing models, at first glance, but closer inspection shows it has a quite different construction to the wartime pattern:

To better fit the scabbard of the No9 bayonet, this frog has replaced the two loops at the bottom of the frog, each previously of 1 1/4″, with a single loop 2 1/2″ wide with a slit pre-woven into the webbing:

The loop at the top of the frog to hold the handle of the old sword bayonet was also deleted, leaving just the loops to pass a belt through:

This new pattern was sealed on 3rd May 1954 and examples were also produced in white for use either on parade or the arctic. The frog was to be a surprisingly long manufactured accoutrement as it remained in service with cadet units decades after it had been superseded in regular service. This example is stamped with an NSN number and a date of manufacture of 1970:

This is a fun addition to my growing set of post-war 37 pattern webbing and it is fascinating to see the little updates done to components after the end of the war. This component was to be the last new design added to the wide stable that was 1937 pattern webbing.

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