Independant Order of Rechabites For Service and Sacrifice Medalion

The Independant Order of Rechabites is a fraternal organisation that dates back to 1835 and was part of the growing temperance movement. It was always international in flavour with groups, known as tents, set up in America, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The First World War saw many members of the Order joining up and they were to serve throughout the war. On their return the order decided to commemorate the service of their members and a bronze medal with the order’s initials and the line ‘For Service and Sacrifice’ was produced and presented to them:

Originally the medal was suspended from a red, white and blue ribbon although this is missing from this example. The rear of the medal is unmarked apart from the manufacturer’s name ‘Fattorini’ of Bradford:

These non military medals are largely ignored by collectors today, this example costing just a couple of pounds. They are, however, interesting and attractive little objects and worth more study than they tend to get.

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