82 Pattern Holster

The basic design of the Canadian 82 Pattern holster can be traced back to the Canadian 51 pattern example. This set the shape of the holster and the front mounted spare magazine pouch, the 64 pattern holster added a pocket for the oil bottle and finally the 82 pattern holster saw the design produced in modern nylon to accompany that webbing set:

The holster is particularly flimsy when compared with earlier designs, the nylon being very thin and flexible, but matches the other components introduced as part of the 1982 pattern webbing set at the same time. The front of the holster is secured with a quick release tab:

A single pocket, secured with a press stud, on the front holds a spare magazine, with a small sleeve for oil in a Lee-Enfield style plastic oil bottle is sewn next to this:

A channel is sewn into the holster to hold a cleaning rod:

Turning to the rear, the holster is very simple:

There are just two webbing loops at the top of the rear to allow the holster to be carried on the belt:

The holster’s NSN number and a date of manufacture are stamped on the rear in white:

This particular holster dates to 1983. The design of the holster is an improvement on the 64 pattern version as the belt loops are sewn and not velcro so it isn’t going to drop off. Having said that though, we have looked at a lot better holsters for the Browning over the years. This design is very flimsy and does not seem to offer much protection to the pistol itself, the Australian 88 pattern holster springs to mind as a design of similar vintage that is far better designed than this one. My thanks to Simon Moore for helping me add this one to the collection.

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