1982 Pattern C1 Ammunition Pouch

It has been a number of years since I last added any pieces to my Canadian 1982 Pattern webbing set. Last year, however, I was able to pick up another couple of items from Simon Moore, who you might be familiar with from his excellent YouTube channel ‘Rifleman Moore’. We therefore start off by looking at the C1 ammunition pouches for the set:

I already had the later C7 pouches which are smaller in dimensions to carry the M16 style of magazines used with the C7 rifle. Before this rifle was introduced however, the Canadian Army used their version of the FN FAL, the C1. The magazines for these are dimensionally larger and so the pouch is also larger than its successor. Unfortunately, I do not have any true C1 magazines, however British SLR magazines are absolutely fine for the purposes of showing how the pouch works. The pouch will hold a pair of these:

The large tabs visible above are used to help extract the magazines from the pouch. Pulling on the tab causes the magazine to rise enough that an easy grip can be made of the top of them to allow them to be pulled out easily:

The pouch has a box lid to protect these magazines, that secures with a quick release tab and staple, the fittings here being made of green plastic:

To attach the pouch to a belt, there is a plastic web with four studs on it which matches up with the corresponding eyelets in the belt. This is covered by two securing flaps held in place by Velcro:

A tab and eyelet is sewn to the top of the back of the pouch to allow it to be connected to the yoke of the webbing set:

Getting a pair of these pouches is actually very useful from my point of view- I don’t own a C7 rifle but I do have an SLR which is visually very similar to a C1 so if I wanted to do a mid 1980s Canadian impression I am one step closer with these pouches.

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