Medical Identity Card

During war there is a need for those engaged on medical duties to be able to clearly identify that they are involved in such duties to both their own side and if need be the enemy. There are strict rules laid down by international law and so clear identity documents are needed. Whilst it might be possible to equip all medical personnel with such identification, if ordinary troops are allocated to stretcher bearer or orderly type duties they would not have such identification pre-prepared. The British military therefore had simple cards that could be filled out and signed by someone in authority to show that the holder was legitimately involved in such duties. This example dates from the 1980s and is printed on buff card:

The cards are individually serialised to allow their issue to be more closely tracked. The front has space for the holder’s details to be filled out and for it to be signed off by an issuing officer. The rear gave details of what training and what rights the bearer had received:

Note the date of printing on the bottom which shows this was produced in September 1984. This example was clearly never used, but these documents would see service throughout the 80s and the First Gulf War as required.

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