Eat Less Bread Plate

The pottery manufacturer of Grimswade produced a range of novelty items during the First World War, most notably items featuring the cartoons of Bruce Bairnsfather. At some point in 1917 they started issuing a novelty range of items around the new rationing restrictions brought in by Lloyd George’s government. These tongue in cheek items were deliberately small in size, but claimed to be the prescription size for feeding large numbers of people. The range included a cheese dish, a butter dish and this small plate:

The front of the plate has the message from the Prime Minister Lloyd George urging economy in food, with a Royal coat of arms above and a ring of laurel leaves.

The rear of the plate explains that this plate, which is only 8″ across, is to feed ten people (clearly impossible, but that is the joke) and was made in the winter of 1917:

It is unclear how many of these souvenir plates were produced, but it is a nice example of the British approach to instruction from government, to gently take the mickey out of it! I have no idea how many of these plates were made, but they do not seem to be particularly scarce, but they do make a nice change from the patriotic pieces of china made to commemorate the start and end of the conflict.

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