North West Frontier Impression, Early 1930s

It is the early 1930s and this soldier is serving on the North West Frontier of India. He has been marching all day, hence his slightly care worn appearance. He wears KD breeches and jacket with a Wolseley helmet, on his feet are ammunition boots worn with long woollen puttees. His equipment is the leather 1903 set, he has placed the water bottle over the rest of the set so he can get a drink more easily, rather than secured beneath the belt, so it slips around more easily. The equipment consists of a leather 1903 bandolier holding 50 rounds, belt, two 15 round pouches on the belt, bayonet frog and mess tin worn in its cover at the back of the belt. He is armed with the Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle, here with the sword bayonet attached.

  1. KD Trousers
  2. Sun Helmet
  3. KD tunic
  4. 1903 Pattern Bandolier
  5. 1903 Belt gear
  6. Water bottle in leather GS carrier
  7. SMLE
  8. Woollen puttees
  9. Ammunition Boots


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