Medical Flask Wrap

Today we have a curious little piece of DPM to consider. Without the label on it explaining what it is, you would be hard pressed to guess. It is simply a rectangle of DPM fabric with velcro attached in several places:

It is in fact a wrap for a medical flask. It is laid out flat in the above image. The flask is laid in the central third, the left hand side then being drawn across. This has three panels of velco attached to it:

With the flask inside, the right hand side is brought across and secured to the matching velcro on the left to hold the flask inside nice and firmly. This flask can then be secured within a medical bergan or bag thanks to a large panel of velcro on the back:

This then allows a medical flask to be held securely so it wont roll around and get damaged, but quickly pulled out to be used should need arise. The label is sewn to the outer portion of the wrap:

The label dates this wrap to 1997:

I have been unable to find out anything about this wrap from my research, so much of this is educated guesswork- if you can give me any more details, please comment below.

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