Arctic SA80 Gun Slip

Today’s object is rather curious as it has clearly been used, but the people it was intended for seem to have never seen or used one in their (not inconsiderable) service careers!The item in question is a white nylon case for the SA80 rifle to hold it and perhaps camouflage it when in the Arctic:

The label inside dates it to 1994 and clearly indicates that it was issued as part of the Arctic set of clothing and equipment:

The cover was clearly used as it has had initials and a number written onto the straps at one end in permenant marker:

It is not entirely obvious how the SA80 fits into this case, so apologies if I have got it wrong, however I believe that the velcroed panel on one side of the case is for the pistol grip to pass through:

There is another panel like this on the opposite side of the cover:

The end of the cover is padded where the muzzle of the rifle rests, presumably to protect the crown of the barrel from knocks:

The whole of the back portion of the cover is secured with velcro that can be pulled apart to allow the rifle to be placed into and removed from the cover:

I have spoken with several former members of different Arctic units and none can remember ever having been issued the cover. If you do know who used it and under what circumstances, please comment below as I would be very interested to know.

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