Clansman Handset

A Merry Christmas to you. I hope you are all having a restive and enjoyable time today wherever in the world you may be and whoever you are sharing this most special day with.

Continuing our steady progress through the Clansman accessories that I am pulling together for my Clansman 350 radio, today we are looking at the handset:

The 350 has a pair of connectors on the top, one is for the operator’s headset and the other is for a handset. The handset allows a commander to listen to and speak over the radio set without having to don the headset which the operator is wearing. In form the handset is much like a telephone receiver:

At the top is the speaker unit, which is held up to the ear, a pair of spring clips allow the headset to be secured to something when not in use:

The opposite end has the microphone to pick up the user’s voice through:

Between the two is a button that must be depressed before talking:

The handset is fitted to a wire, which has the standard Clansman male connector on the end to allow it to be attached to the radio itself:

Stores details are printed onto a white label attached around the cable:

The handset was used on a wide variety of different Clansman radios, although I have bought this one to accompany my 350. There is also a small zipped bag to hold the handset in, that I am informed is a little hard to find so I am keeping an eye out for it.

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