Christmas in Salonica Postcard

The Salonican Front in World War One is one of the forgotten theatres of the conflict and was notable for the multi-national nature of the allied forces fighting in it. A popular postcard issued at the time as a Christmas souvenir showed all the different nationalities that fought in the Greek theatre:

With Christmas at the end of the week, it seems appropriate to consider this card today. I have struggled to identify all the different nationalities shown in the postcard, but looking online I think I have got a likely identification for the eleven men in this image:

British Army:

French North African:

Russian Army:

Indian Army:

Italian Alpini:

Serbian Army:

Cretan Gendarme:

French West Africa:

French Cavalry:

French Indo-China:

And a different Cretan Gendarme:

There are several variations of this postcard out there, with the men in different positions and wearing slightly different sets of equipment, but all seem to have been taken at the same time.

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