Royal Marines No 6 Dress Tunic

Today we turn to the third and final of the small batch of Royal Marines uniforms we have been covering over the last month. This tunic is a tropical No 6 tunic, with insignia for the Royal Marines in staybrite:

The tunic has pleated patch pockets on each breast:

And two larger unpleated patch pockets on the skirts:

The tunic fastens up the front with four large staybrite buttons with the regimental insignia on them:

Smaller buttons are used for the cuffs:

Two brass hooks are fitted to either side of the tunic to help support a belt:

I think the tunic dates from the 1970s as it has a pre-metric sizing on the label:

The tunic was made by Compton Sons and Webb who manufactured a lot of uniforms for the British military before production shifted to the Far East in the late 1990s.

The uniform was issued as part of the Tropical Formal Dress, 1BW dress whih was worn for:

(1) Inspections by Flag and General Officers in tropical climates.
(2) Ceremonial exchange visits as an alternative to No.1AW Dress.
(3) Funerals and Courts Martial.
(4) Other occasions as ordered.

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