No 11 Target Drinking Poster

As has been discussed on the blog before, drinking and the British Army seem to have gone hand in hand for centuries. There have been campaigns to curb this culture dating right back to the temperance movement in the Victorian era. Today we have a poster that was designed to be displayed in social areas for soldiers around the early 2000s I believe. It is in the form of a No 11 Target:

This familiar image to soldiers has had the rifle removed from the image and replaced by various bottles and glasses of alcohol:

The thrust of the argument is that excessive drinking affects operational efficiency and makes you a target:

It is a great piece of visual design and very eye catching, however I suspect that it would have been as effective as any of the army’s other anti-drinking campaigns over the last century and a half. I suspect the tension between the squaddie and senior officers over alcohol will continue for another 150 years with no resolution!

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