Handheld Voltmeter

Last month I looked at the little webbing pouch that was used to hold a handheld voltmeter. Since then I have tracked down the voltmeter to go inside the pouch and finish the set off:

The No 2 Pocket Voltmeter was a small device that was used to test batteries and valve electrode voltages on various electronic devices including the WS18 man pack radio amongst others. The voltmeter is a circular bakelite instrument:

The wire coming off the voltmeter is missing the metal probe that should be on the end of it. This was placed on a circuit, with the metal prong on the base of the voltmeter completing the circuit and the instrument reading the voltage across this accordingly:

The voltage was displayed on the central dial by the pointer:

Note the W/|\D mark and date of 1944 on the dial. The standard setting for the voltmeter was up to 250 volts, as seen on the black scale. For lower voltages and greater sensitivity the red scale is used, but a red button on the side needs to be depressed:

For those of you who are electrically minded, the voltmeter has a sensitivity of 500 ohms per volt.

I will be honest and say that I will probably never use this voltmeter, however it is always nice to be able to reunite a couple of pieces of kit as in this case and it is far better to have a pouch with its original contents than

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