British Army Pound Note

Over the years I have covered quite a lot of military currency, however most of this has been of World War II vintage. Today we are looking at a more recent example of military currency with this pound note:

The wording at the top is ‘4th Series’ which allows us to date this note to between 1962 when the notes were introduced and 1972 when they were replaced with a new set of decimal currency. The rear of the note explains where and when it can be used:

The notes themselves were printed by a company called Bradbury Wilkinson and were never actually issued, this means that examples like this one are found in mint, unused condition. They remained in Ministry of Defence stores until 1991 when the whole stock of notes from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th series were auctioned off, a total of 17 million notes being released onto the collectors’ market. With so many notes available, they remain ridiculously cheap and so an interesting little collection can be put together even thirty years after they were released for very little outlay.

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