East Lancashire Regiment Cap Badge

The East Lancashire Regiment was formed in 1881 from the 30th Foot and 59th Foot. The regiment adopted a cap badge that reflected both its geographical recruiting ground and its antecedents regimental history. The sphinx with the plinth inscribed ‘EGYPT’ was awarded to the 30th Foot for its part in repelling Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in 1802. This was surrounded by a laurel wreath and had a gilding rose for Lancashire. All this was topped by an Imperial crown and a scroll at the base with the regiment’s name on:

The cap badge was only adopted in 1897 when the regiment moved to a khaki uniform with slouch hat for service overseas. This particular cap badge has a metal slider on the rear to allow it to be worn on a cap:

The basic cap badge remained unchanged, apart from the design of the crown, until the regiment was amalgamated with the South Lancashire Regiment in 1958 to form the Lancashire Regiment.

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