First Pattern Canadian 37 Pattern Water Bottle Carrier

Although many are familiar with the Canadian 37 Pattern water bottle carrier that secures with a press stud at the front of the carrier, there was an earlier pattern produced that copied the standard British design of waterbottle carrier, with the top mounted press stud:

The cover secures with two small straps that fasten together with a brass press stud:

This fastening would remain in production until 1942 when the manufacturers in Canada changed over to the front fastening.

The other features of the water bottle carrier also remained the same as the British produced versions, with a pair of 1″ Twigg buckles at either side of the carrier to allow it to be attached to the brace ends of the webbing set:

The Canadian origin of this water bottle carrier is not obvious from the outside, however once the bottle has been removed we can see a /|\ inside a ‘C’, the acceptance mark of the Canadian military:

The carrier is also stamped ZL&T Ltd, which are the initials for Zephyr Loom and Textile Ltd one of the two major Canadian producers of webbing in World War II:

This carrier was produced in 1941, the year before the changeover in design. I must confess I hadn’t even realised I had this Canadian example in my collection until a few months ago, despite having owned it for well over ten years. With a bottle inside it is impossible to distinguish from British production and I had always assumed that this was what the carrier was until I took the bottle out and looked closer!

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