MOLLE Sticks

The MOLLE system of ladder straps makes for a very secure and easily adaptable way of securing pouches onto a vest or rucksack. Unfortunately it is not a particularly quick system when you want to detach a pouch in a hurry. There are many instances where you might want to take a pouch off, without having to take the whole vest off, undo a press stud and then unweave the securing straps, such as to remove a first aid pack in the field in a hurry. To solve this problem commercial manufacturers have developed what are marketed as Molle sticks, plastic bars that take the place of the cloth straps on the back of a pouch:

These come as a pair of plastic strips, secured together with a piece of elastic. These are threaded through the loops on the back of the pouch and the vest and a press clip at the top holds them secure:

The strips have a small reinforcing rib down the back of them to add rigidity to them, without so much bulk that they won’t go through the Molle loops:

When a pouch needs to be detached quickly, a quick tug on the string undoes the clips and allows the sticks to be pulled up and out, releasing the pouch in seconds:

It obviously takes rather longer to reattach the pouch, but in an emergency to be able to quickly detach a first aid pouch for ready use in seconds is essential, it allows a soldier to pass it to an injured comrade for use and then go back to a firefight in a few moments. I do not believe that the British military have ever issued these as a piece of standard kit, however these came from a serving soldier who had used them on his kit when deployed and as they cost only a few pounds for a set; they are a popular choice amongst the British Army.

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