Air Sickness Bags

Air sickness is a common form of motion sickness that affects a large number of people, especially in turbulent weather or if the plane is performing particularly violent movements. Air sickness has a number of symptoms including vertigo, headache and of course nausea and vomitting. The RAF, like all other commercial and military organisations that fly aircraft, recognises that this can be a problem from time to time and so issues air sickness bags so that there is a clean and hygenic place for people to vomit into if they should need it. These bags are carried not only on transport planes, but also in smaller aircraft where movements can be more extreme, many passengers in high performance jets find the experience unsettling to the stomach!

The bags themselves are made of a heavy duty paper, with a plasticised finish to make them waterproof so the contents cannot leak out:

Although carried as a flat pack, it is the work of seconds to fold the bag out if you need to use it:

Instructions on how to use it, together with the NATO stock number, are printed on the bag:

A self adhesive tab is fitted to the rear, the strip is pulled off to use and this holds the contents securely in the bag until they can be disposed of safely:

I must confess, this is one of the odder items in the collection, however the pair of bags only cost 99p so it was a fun little pick up!

One comment

  1. Also known as ‘boarding passes’ and if you run out of bags use your flight gloves…
    If you’re not qualified to clean the mess up then you owe whoever does a case of beer.

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