Clansman Audio Gear Staff User (AGS) Headset

There are a large number of different microphone and headphone sets available for the Clansman radio system. The ‘Audio Gear Staff User’ or AGS headset was designed for use in command posts where there was need to be able to switch from listening to the radio net to listening to spoken instructions within the vehicle or command post and back again quickly without removing the headset. The Clansman’s advertising manual at the time described the headset as:

This maximum comfort headset has been designed for use by troops and other military personnel engaged in areas of continuous or intermittent noise where headsets have to be worn with seperately issued protective helmets. The “SONOVALVE II” allows users to listen to local conversations or use the telephone without removing their headsets. This is done by opening or closing the acoustic valve on one or both sides of the headset.

To do this the headset has an adjustable valve on each earpiece that can be rotated to allow sound in or out with a large lever:

The headset has a built in boom mike that can be moved up and down to sit in front of the mouth, or shifted out of the way if preferred:

The headset is held on the head by a combination of a vinyl adjustable strap that passes over the top of the head and a covered wire yoke that sits across the back of the head near the neck:

Each headphone cup has a soft foam ring around it, covered in vinyl that helps keep sound in the headset and prevents abient sounds from entering in unless the valve was rotated:

The headset is attached to a long lead, with a standard multiple pin plug on the end that attaches to most of the different radios in the Clansman series, except for the 349:

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