Australian 37 Pattern Pistol Ammunition Pouch

The Australian Army used the same .38 revolvers as the British Army and as such when they started producing 37 Pattern webbing they made the same holsters and ammunition cases as their counterparts in the Northern Hemisphere. The pistol ammunition pouch is a small squarish pouch of webbing that holds two cardboard boxes of 12 rounds of .38 ammunition, with a box lid secured with a brass press stud. The webbing has a stripy appearence, typical of Australian production:

The back has two brass C hooks to attach it to the belt with loops at the bottom to attach to the holster and a loop at the top to pass a brace attachment through when the pouch is worn above the holster rather than on the belt:

Note the purple ink acceptance stamp on the rear. Further stamps are on the underside of the box lid, including a D/|\D ownership mark, a date of 1944 and a stores code:

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