Olive Green PLCE Side Pack Yoke

Most of the components for the PLCE webbing set can be found in both olive green and DPM, with many further being produced in MTP in the last decade. This means that there are plenty of variations for the collector to look for and so today we are taking a look at the side pack yoke in olive green that we have previously covered in its DPM configuaration:

This yoke was designed to allow the two side pouches from the bergen to be unzipped and attached to it so that it acts as a daysack. Either both, or a single pouch can be carried in this way. The yoke has a mesh back panel to reduce the amount of sweating when worn by providing ventilation:

The stores label is sewn to the rear of the yoke:

Black fastex buckles are fitted to connect with the corresponding versions on the side pouches, note also the grab handle, used to give a handy point to drag an injured soldier if needed:

A thin strap is fitted that is designed to be passed around the waist to help support the pouches when worn, but is often wrapped the other way to help hold the bases of the pouches to the yoke. An additional pair of straps is also needed to attach the pouches to the yoke, these have three male fatex buckles and are officially referred to as ‘strap, pouch side, yoke’:

Each of these are stamped in black with NSN number and details of the manufacturer:

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